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Question by Katie: How to get windows 8 from free customer preview version?
Hello all,
I updated from windows xp to windows 8 free customer preview version couple months ago.
Now it says me its been expired and keep restarting every 2 hours.
How can I get windows 8/7/XP free from here?
I meant customer evaluation version

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Answer by micksmixxx
You can’t, unfortunately, my friend. Windows 8 is NOT a free Operating System. You’ll need to buy it.

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  1. It’s not “free.” At this point you need to buy it. You should at least be able to install the cheaper upgrade version coming from the customer preview. The downside is that your ability to get it for only $ 39.99 ran out two days ago on January 31 as well. Should have gotten around to the legitimate version sooner. You’re now looking at $ 200 for the pro upgrade, or $ 70 if you’re an eligible student.

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