How To Make Gta 4 Work On Windows 8 64bit and fix loading problem. NOT FOR STEAM VERSION.

This video shows how to make gta 4 work on windows 8 64bit and how to fix loading problem. NOT FOR STEAM VERSION. LINK TO DOWNLOAD TO XLIVELESS. g
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Question by vaishali: When i try to install windows 8 an error message comes and says CD\DVD drive driver is missing ?
& I had burned windows 8 setup on an 8.5 GB DVD. When i installed the first time on an one other PC it worked but it is not working on my PC.

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Perhaps the optical drive is damaged or just plain old. Pickup a can of air. You can find them at any office supply store, and blow out the inside of the drive to dislodge any dust. If that doesn’t help then the drive probably just needs to be replaced. They don’t last forever.

Unless you’re developing Metro apps, I really don’t think you should use 8 as your primary OS. It’s really not finished yet and a lot of features are broken or missing.

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