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Question by Dolan: How long do I have to fix a problem once found while on section 8?
I had an inspection today and the inspector noticed I had 2 windows broke. She said ” Im giving you 24 hours to fix it or you will be termanated from Section 8″ can she do that? How long do I have per the rules.

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This is what I found… most likely it will vary from state to state, so google your state’s info to be sure

Annual Inspection Process

An annual inspection is scheduled for all subsidized units. Tenants who miss one inspection or re-inspection appointment are in violation of their Family Obligations under the Housing Choice Voucher Program and will be issued a Termination Notice for Non-compliance.

At the scheduled inspection appointment, the Housing Authority inspector will inspect the unit to ensure it meets HUD-established Housing Quality Standards (HQS). The items on the checklist below must be working or completed prior to the HQS inspection:

All utilities must be turned on (water, gas, electric).

There must be working smoke detectors properly mounted on each level of the unit including the basement.

All construction/rehabilitation (painting, carpet replacement, etc.) must be completed.

Windows that open to outside must have working locks. Bedrooms must have at least one operable window each and if security bars are present, they must have quick release devices.

Heaters must be working and safe.

All electrical outlets and light switches must have cover plates.

All bathrooms must have an exhaust fan or an operable window for ventilation.

All appliances (stove, refrigerator*, microwave oven, oven, etc.) must be working. All stove knobs must be readable.

All sinks, faucets and plumbing must be free from leaks.

The unit must not have roaches or rodents.

All painted surfaces must be free from chipping and/or peeling paint.

Carpet and other flooring must be clean and free of tripping hazards.

A hand rail is required on all stairways with four or more steps.

Water heaters must have a Temperature Pressure Relief Valve and discharge line that is directed to and at least 6 inches from the floor, or directed outside the unit, as a safeguard against build up of steam if the water heater malfunctions. Discharge lines must be made of rigid pipe material that’s rated for both high temperature and pressure. This includes most rigid wall copper, iron and, in most places, chlorinated polyvinylchloride (CPVC plastic not regular PVC). Do not use garden hose or thin plastic pipe.

In addition, water heaters must be braced, anchored or strapped to resist falling horizontal displacement due to earthquake motion.

If the unit fails the annual inspection, a letter listing the required repairs will be sent to the owner and tenant. The owner and tenant are given 20 calendar days to complete the repairs and a recheck appointment will be scheduled.

If the unit fails the recheck inspection, the Housing Authority will issue a termination notice to the tenant (with a copy to the owner) and permanently abate the rent starting on the day the repairs were to be completed.

(If the required repair(s) are tenant-caused, there will be no abatement of rent to the owner, however, the tenant may lose their rental assistance if repairs are not completed by the deadline.)

If the repairs are completed and the unit passes another recheck inspection, the termination notice will be cancelled and the rent will be paid again starting the day the unit passes.

If the repairs are not completed within the 20-calendar-day deadline, the termination will be effective and no rent will be paid. Exceptions may be granted for major, difficult repairs that require additional time. A written request for an extension of the repair deadline must be submitted to the Housing Authority.

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